Lou Ferrigno “Hulk” Stops by at Bloggers’ Row

Lou Ferrigno “Hulk” Stops by at Bloggers’ Row: “The famous deaf actor known for his role as the mighty and temperamental green guy known as ‘The Hulk’ stopped by today at ‘Bloggers’ Row’ where the 34th Annual Conservative Political Action Conference is currently taking place. And guess which booth he stopped by and greeted one of the well known Conservative blogger?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Lou Ferrigno with blogger Michelle Malkin

Are you a Republican or a Conservative? Deaf? Hard of hearing? Have you yet visited the Deaf Republicans website? Have you read the website’s excellent article on ‘The Captioning Hoax Exposed! ‘? If you haven’t then you may be missing out on getting the right info regarding some of the captioning myths you may have heard before.”


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