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Eyes of Desire – a deaf project

I recently received an email from Raymond Luczak, a Deaf writer, poet, playwright, and filmmaker. Raymond had seen my blog “Deaf Pagan Crossroads” and contacted me asking if I might be able to help him with a project he is currently working on.

A graduate of Gallaudet University, Raymond has published a number of books, including “Eyes of Desire – A Deaf Gay & Lesbian Reader,” the first ever anthology of deaf gay and lesbian “voices.” This book, which was published in 1993 and has since gone out of print, focused exclusively on the deaf lesbian, gay, and bisexual communities and included 56 different contributors. It was nominated for two 1993 Literary Lambda Awards.

Now Raymond Luczak has plans to publish a sequel to this book – Eyes of Desire 2: A Deaf GLBT Reader. He is already wrapping up the editing of this book, with the final deadline being March 31, 2007. At this point, the book already has over 200 pages. When published, it will join Eyes of Desire in making history both in the Deaf Community, and in the publishing community as well.

While the deadline is coming up in two weeks, Raymond still has room for some more entries, so if you are interested in contributing something to this special publication, please contact him as soon as possible!

Raymond Luczak is looking for Deaf Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender folks to share their stories, essays, poems, plays, artwork, etc. reflecting their experiences. In particular, he would like to receive submissions from individuals in other parts of the world outside of the United States; as well as pieces focusing on topics such as religion, racism, human rights, audism, raising a family, and so on – from a Deaf GLBT perspective.

Remember, the FINAL deadline for submissions is March 31, 2007. I apologize for this very tight schedule, but I was just contacted by Raymond the other day, and asked if I could help out with possible contacts. He doesn’t have a blog of his own at this time, so I offered to write something up on Raymond’s behalf and post it here at the Crossroads.

Writing this book has been a long process requiring over two years of work, and it’s time to soon finish it and start the process of publication. However, he is still accepting last-minute submissions, so contact him NOW.

For more information about this project, you can check out the submissions information at this link:


For those of you who are worried that your English might not be good enough to write your submission, you can still share your story via ASL! Feel free to contact Raymond and make arrangements – he can contact you via videocam for an interview or whatever works best.

You can contact Raymond directly at:


You can also learn more about him and his work at this website:


I don’t know Raymond Luczak personally myself, but he seems to be a very nice person and quite interested in trying to reach out to the diversity of the Deaf Community and tell your stories. As I mentioned earlier, he is Deaf himself, a Gallaudet graduate, and openly Gay. Besides Eyes of Desire, Raymond has published several other books such as Saint Michael’s Fall, a book of poems about growing up deaf and Catholic, published by Deaf Life Press. He’s written several plays and taught playwriting at the National Theater of the Deaf. He’s now finishing up work on his feature film Ghosted, which marks his directorial debut.

Born and raised in Michigan, Raymond lived in New York City for several years before relocating to Minnesota, where he now works parttime for SIGNews…when he’s not busy working on Eyes of Desire 2, that is!

As a Pagan, I have always been a strong supporter in the right of the individual to his or her own sexual orientation – be it straight, gay, lesbian…and to the freedom of sexual expression, as long as it does not do harm to others.

As a Deaf person, I have always been a strong supporter of the efforts of others within the Deaf Community who attempt to be a “voice” for all of us. I applaud Raymond Luczak for his steadfast work on this project, and I wish him the very best as he brings this book to completion. I look forward to the day when it is published and we can all read it!

Be sure to contact Raymond as soon as possible if you wish to submit a “last-minute” piece to this book.


~ Ocean


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