Article- Should Deaf get Death?

Article- Should Deaf get Death?:

Few days ago I got email from someone about death penalty for Deaf person. Here is the article about should Deaf person get Death penalty? This is just my opinion; please no attacking in my opinion in the comments section thank you.

My opinion I have to agree with what Dave Nelson said in the article, we all should be treated equal. I think we all should be treating the same in the court even for punishment. It goes the same with anyone they will get result to be justice. Why make excuse for Deaf person to get away with this just because she is Deaf?

One more thing, in the article bring up a good point about not enough interpreter. Its true there is not enough of legal interpreter for Deaf and also quality of the interpreter too. Maybe just an idea, before the trial, maybe lawyer or someone else screening the interpreter to make sure they are a right person to interpret for that case? To make sure communication and understanding is clear in the court.

Here is the link to the article, feel free to share your thoughts. With one of request from the Admin of this site, no cruel comments, insulting and bashing in comments section. They will be deleted. Thank you.


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