:: Deaf Child ::

Deaf Child:

Watch: ‘Sound & Fury’


Situation: Family is deaf, the parent grew up in a deaf community, whole family uses sign language to communicate, child bornis deaf. Parents of deaf children have to decide what is best for the child.

Hope: Availability of a Cochlear Transplant.

Background: Cochlear transplant will enable the deaf to finally hear, however it is best for the child to get the transplant at an early age, since it is ata young age where a child picks up language and speech. If the child gets a Cochlear Transplant later on, he/ she may not be used to the new found surroundings, and thus have difficulty in cultivating speech.

Whatever the language, be it a verbal language or sign language, it is best learnt young.

Supporting the transplant: Child can be immersed in the speaking world, thus more opportunities since non-deaf people are amajority. Needless to do sign languange except when communicating with family.

Against the transplant: Whole family is used to and happy with communicating to one another using sign language. Roots will be established in a unique deaf culture. Child will always remember sign language and have a stronger family-bond.

What do you think?


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