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Educational Podcasting Network: “IAmazing how many podcasts there are to choose from it is like a candy store for educational programs on the web. It was difficult for me to find out if any of these podcast would be accessible if you were not able to hear them. Information on making podcasts accessible seems limited. Maybe I need some better search terms. Basically people would provide a transcript or captioning box along with their podcast if they were to make it accessible.

The most salient point in all of this is that podcasts will need to be made accessible if they are to be used in higher education. I am not sure if colleges and universities are going to make blanket guidelines for making all digital media used accessible to students. People responsible for providing accommodations to students are stuck. There is so much great audio information out there but most of it is not accessible. Administrations require that media be accessible but there is not the funding or the understanding of how to do it. The idea is that everything produced has to be captioned or attached with a transcript.

Could podcasts be made so you could call into them? If so then people who use sign language could call video relay and have the podcast interpreted for them for free thanks to the FCC. Of course this would not solve accessibility issues for people who are hard of hearing and do not use sign language. They would still want a written document.”


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