Photos taken from ‘American Sign Language – a teacher’s resource text on grammar and culture’ by Charlotte Baker / Dennis Cokely (1980). The copy center guy who scanned them for me made the cover graphic too big to open in my PC so I show you via webcam photo capture instead above. Check the second photo at bottom. Read the info text on above the illustrations: ‘Similarly, the sign DEAF illustrated below on the left is considered to be more formal than the sign illustrated on the right. (The form on the left also seems to be an older variant of the sign and is seen in the old NAD films of Signers in the early 1900’s.) Well, there you have it. Also, see a link from a website I found last night with basic info on EAR-CLOSE sign, too. So bottom line, EAR-CLOSE sign is considered to be part of ‘formal signing’ and I have yet to see any evidence of its negative connotations in my websearches last night as well.

More info:
Basic info on EAR-CLOSE.


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