:: Deaf History – 1400’s-1600’s ::

Deaf History – 1400’s-1600’s

“Come in, Make yourself comfortable,
Have a cup of cappuccino,
and Enjoy learning about Deaf History!

Rudolphus Agricola, 1443-1485, was interested in the Deaf and wrote a book ‘De Inventione Dialectica’. He wrote that a person who is born Deaf can express himself by putting down his thoughts in writing. The book was never published till a 100 years later.

Girolamo Cardano, 1501-1576 was a Italian physician concerned about his Deaf child, Cardano came across Agricola’s book. He agreed that the ‘sense of hearing and the use of spoken words were not indispensable to understanding ideas.’ Cardano also believed that the Deaf need to learn to read and write. ‘True, it is difficult but possible.’ ‘We can, in reality, manifest our thoughts either with words or with gestures.’ Cardano invented some kind of code for teaching but did not purse it instead went on studying other medicines.

Pedro Ponce De Leon, 1520-1584, Catholic monk, established the world’s first school for …”


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