:: For Your Information about AGBell ::

For Your Information about AGBell:

I did not realize why the AGBell organization were against sign language. Read this info:

AG Bell is funded by a multi-million dollar foundation set up by the Volta Bureau. The Volta Foundation was funded by the HUGE royalties earned by AG Bell from royalties related to the telephone invention, and paid by every country in the world to use telephones.

See this posting at the Volta Bureau website:

In 1879, Bell and his wife Mabel Hubbard, who had been deaf from early childhood, moved to Washington, DC The following year, the French government awarded Bell the Volta Prize of 50,000 francs for the invention of the telephone. Bell used the money to found Volta Associates, along with his cousin Chichester A. Bell and Sumner Tainter, whose laboratory was focused on the research of recording and transmitting sound. In 1887, the Volta Associates sold the record patents they had developed at the laboratory to the American Gramophone Company, and Bell took part of his share of the profits to found the Volta Bureau as an instrument ‘for the increase and diffusion of knowledge relating to the Deaf.’ The Bureau, which was first housed at Bell’s father’s house at 1527 35th Street, worked in close cooperation with the American Association for the Promotion of the Teaching of Speech to the Deaf (known since 1956 as the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf), organized in 1890, of which Bell was elected President. The Volta Bureau officially merged with this Association in 1908.

The most important point of the Volta Bureau’s Mission is the teaching of SPEECH to deaf children. Bell wrote language into the foundation bylaws such that if the Association ever promotes the use of Sign Language, the entire foundation will be closed and all money sent to ???? The AG Bell association CANNOT support sign language or they will be broke!

This explains why…… and seems that the Deaf community need to work on getting a federal law that all deaf children must learn bilingual – ASL/English at the beginning of their learning stage. So that AGBell can teach speech all they want to deaf children as an accessory education and not deny any deaf child their needs of having bilingual according to the federal law, if passed.

John F. Egbert


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