:: Adding Snap VRS (and its uber-cool videophone) ::

Adding Snap VRS (and its uber-cool videophone):

Snap VRS logoI just added Snap VRS to my page listing Video Relay Service providers. Snap VRS will even be distributing uber-cool Ojo Video Phones for free! These video phones takes the coolness prize, and puts those stodgy, boxy VP-100 / 200’s and D-link videophones to shame. A couple pictures of these video phones below, from the Snap VRS website. Even the folks being pictured on the phones look cool! Of course, because the video phone only has a 7″ (diagonal) screen, the viewable area is a lot smaller than what we are probably used to on our televisions or computer monitors. But hey, the coolness factor of these video phones make up for its shortcomings.

[Note: I updated the Video Relay Services page on my blog, and NOT the older and not-to-be-updated-anymore article.]

Ojo Video Phone

Ojo video phone


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