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Sign on to these jobs | IndyStar.com:

Sign on to these jobs

These are 5 positions that aid deaf individuals and require a command of American Sign Language

“Maybe you’re looking for a job in public safety, as a nurse, a social worker or even in the theater. One major resume builder can put you on a fast track to landing that job: knowing sign language.

There is a nationwide shortage of interpreters for the deaf. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires public institutions to provide qualified interpreters for deaf individuals. Public schools, hospitals and courts also have a need.

‘I can’t think of a single profession where it would not benefit you to know and be fluent in American Sign Language,’ says Rebecca Madigan, director of Deaf Community Services in Indianapolis, a division of Easter Seals Crossroads.

To be qualified for the job takes work. Depending on the employer, being an interpreter requires a four-year degree, certification at the state and national level and written tests.

Take a look at five careers for people who know ASL….”


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