:: Introducing Heather Jewell ::

Introducing Heather Jewell:

It is our pleasure to introduce Heather Jewell, the Conservative candidate for the St. Paul’s EDA.

Heather Jewell has long been a team player in the Conservative cause, following her parents’ footsteps into politics as a teenager. An experienced Conservative candidate, Heather stood for the people of Scarborough Southwest in 2004, working with a great team that punched above their weight in every way.

Heather, 44 years old, lives in Toronto with her husband, Tom Rudman, and their dog, Ruby in Beaches East York. She works for Alliance Atlantis Communications as their Director of Closed Captioning, bringing Canadian culture to the hearing impaired, new Canadians and to many others who use closed captioning.

Heather earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology at York University’s Glendon College, a campus that requires an intermediate mastery of written and spoken French in order to graduate.

A passionate environmentalist, Heather supports organics, free choice in agriculture, and free choice in alternative medicine and practices. Heather understands the link between sustainable practices and a healthy and successful society. Heather is also passionate about literacy and accessibility. Effective and visionary public service is an inspiration to Heather, and one of her heroes is R. C. Harris.


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