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3/27/2007 – Thanks WTCI For Airing Through Deaf Eyes – Opinion –

Thanks WTCI For Airing Through Deaf Eyes

posted March 27, 2007

On March 21 WTCI-TV45 aired a very special documentary entitled ‘Through Deaf Eyes.’ This remarkable program showcased the life of the American Deaf Community over the past 200 years. WTCI also supplemented the national PBS documentary with ‘Focus on Health: Deafness & Hearing Loss’ featuring six panel members who are deaf or hard of hearing or who possess expertise in deaf culture, deaf education, audiology, and sign language interpreting.

Thank you WTCI for presenting this wonderful history of the deaf community from the perspective of deaf citizens themselves. Thank you for putting together the ‘Through Deaf Eyes’ show; it was a delightful experience. We sincerely appreciate the care and concern that all the WTCI folks showed us during production last Wednesday evening.

If you missed this fascinating documentary, mark your calendar right now and plan to join us for re-airing on Sunday at 3 p.m. Tune in to ‘Through Deaf Eyes’ with special panel discussion. Don’t miss it; for, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to share in the deaf experience in America. You’ll be glad you did.

Bea Lyons, Vice Chair
Mayor’s Council on Disability



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“The winner and second place finisher each will win a separate seat to World Series of Poker events at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, as well as travel expenses. Entry fee is $65 per person, with only players 18 years of age and older eligible to participate.

Players will communicate their bets by American Sign Language (ASL) and other methods of communication, said Ed Glennon, Jr., chairperson of the event, sponsored by the West Suburban Association of the Deaf (WSAD).

‘Our organization encourages deaf and hard of hearing individuals to communicate and interact in activities the same as hearing people,’ said Glennon on PRNewsWire, adding that the poker tournament is a great example along with other programs and activities offered by WSAD.

‘Many deaf and hard of hearing persons play in major tournaments in Las Vegas, some…”

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