:: Moon waxes and wanes ::

Moon waxes and wanes:

Moon waxes and wanes

Moon waxes and wanesPicture 3.png
Author: Trina Berlo
Date: Mar 27, 2007

“The Wasaga Community Theatre is staging a farcical play about the wacky and egocentric people that epitomize actors, a portrayal that surely reflects in no way the local thespians therein.

The satire is full of innuendo and misunderstanding that leave the characters in some compromising positions.

Moon Over Buffalo is the story of a husband and wife acting combo in their 50s who are part of a touring show and finally get a chance at their big break. Set in 1953, the lives of the actors in the troupe begin to unravel as Pat Drury playing Charlotte Hay, a role made famous by Carol Burnett in the Broadway production, learns her husband George, played by Al Davidson, has been unfaithful.

Everything spins out of control as another cast member learns she is pregnant with his child, love develops between unlikely couples and Charlotte’s deaf mother unintentionally fans the flames with her inability to get the story right while the Hays’ daughter Rosalind tries to pick up the pieces. …”


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