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A DEAF burglar who was caught on CCTV
stealing a hedgecutter from a farm has
escaped an immediate jail sentence.

Glen Lockey, 47, was seen leaving an outbuilding at Snaefell Barn, Rickney, with the garden tool just months after he was spared jail for a previous burglary.

Lewes Crown Court heard how the owner had installed CCTV after cash was stolen in four raids between January and August 2005.

Lockey, of Colwood Crescent, Eastbourne, was arrested and admitted burglary and theft and breaching a 12-month jail sentence suspended for two years.

In interview he admitted stealing the £50 hedgecutter and told police he had previously visited the farm to fish in a lake within the grounds.

The court heard how Lockey, who communicates through sign language, had committed 21 previous offences of burglary including raids on homes in Hailsham and Lower Dicker.

Daniel Frier, defending, told the court Lockey had been desperate for money when he carried out the raid last September.

He said, ‘His motivation was his frustration at not being able to find employment which he has been unable to do for 14 years, and financial desperation.

‘The hedgecutter didn’t work so there was no benefit gained from it whatsoever.’

In February last year Lockey was ordered to stay in his home during the daytime after a judge heard his disability made prison life more difficult for him.

But sentencing him on Friday Recorder Richmond, QC, told him, ‘You can’t keep using your disability as a reason for keeping out of prison.

‘Burglary is one of those offences that makes people feel violated because they don’t feel safe in their home.

‘Your record is terrible for a man of your age and this is the last time the public are going to suffer.

‘You let me down and I will come down from London and give you three years, do you understand?’

Recorder Bernard Richmond, QC, gave Lockey a 12-month jail sentence suspended for two years and ordered him to do 300 hours of unpaid work.


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