:: Herald News : News : Students splashing and signing ::

Herald News :: News :: Students splashing and signing:

Students splashing and signing


March 29, 2007

LOCKPORT — ‘How’s the water?’ Kristin Mattocks asked fourth-grader Daniel Guzman in American Sign Language.

“Daniel gave a quick response sign — ‘OK, fine’ — and then hopped out of the pool and hurried along the poolside to the diving board. He walked out on the board and made an attempt at diving, but changed his mind at the last second and splashed into the water in a seated position.

Mattocks, 17, is a senior and an American Sign Language student at Lockport Township High School. On Wednesday, Mattocks, her classmates and the school’s East Campus hosted a pool party. The guests were Daniel and more than 25 other deaf students from Chicago’s Kinzie Elementary School.

Mattocks can hear, but she was able to hone her developing sign language talents thanks to a local connection with the Chicago public school.

Grant Ferkaluk, Lockport’s swimming and diving coach, is the husband of Jennie Ferkaluk, who teaches life skills to deaf students at Kinzie. The Lockport couple worked with the Chicago Hearing Society and Missy Schmook, an American Sign Language teacher at Lockport, to bring the Chicago and local students together. …”


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