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Community Press – Monroe Grange news

Monroe Grange will not meet Friday, April 6, because that is Good Friday. Members also have postponed their card party until Saturday, April 14, because of Easter.

April is National Grange Month. The Grange was originally named the Patrons of Husbandry, the term Grange represents the old farmsteads in England. The officers are named for those concerning the homesteads. The Grange is a family-oriented community organization. The Junior Grange is for children 5 to 14 years of age, and the Subordinate Grange is for all adults over 14 years of age. This is the local Grange. The County Grange is called Pomona, and there is a State and National Grange.

The Granges are instrumental in getting legislature introduced into the legislative bodies of the state and nation. Many years ago, they suggested the rural free delivery of mail. The government thought the farmers could go into town once a month to get their mail. But, the government agreed to try it for a year. Grange members also suggested painting white lines along the edge of the highways.

The most recent thing here in Ohio was the passing of the American Sign Language, being an accredited language, this was introduced by the Grange state deaf activities chair. Grange members, along with Lions Clubs, collect used eyeglasses and cases to be taken to the third world countries. Members also collect aluminum pop can tabs, Campbell Soup product labels, for the deaf program. These items are sent to the deaf schools here in Ohio and they use the money to purchase items for schools.

Members would welcome anyone interested in joining the Grange. If you live in near Bethel, Nicholsville, New Richmond, Felicity, Batavia, Amelia, contact George Rooks at 734-6980.


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