:: Deaf Blogger Profile – LaRonda Zupp ::

Deaf Blogger Profile – LaRonda Zupp

What is the title and URL of your blog? :
The Ear of My Heart,
http://www.earofmyheart.com/wordpress/ (Guide note: Not everything LaRonda writes is about deafness, but most of it is).

Why did you give your blog that title? :
The title is from St. Benedict’s prologue, which says ‘listen carefully…and attend with the ear of our hearts.’ He urged us to listen within our soul, inclining our hearts toward understanding. His words are timeless and universal, and provide insight into wisdom, especially amidst adversity. It is not about being able to hear. It is about LISTENING to what people are really saying. This is what it means to listen with ‘the ear of my heart.’ I wanted to speak from my heart and I am learning to listen. Occasionally words seem to come from some divine place. The title fits where I am.

Why did you start your blog? :
I began my tale of suddenly becoming deaf 26 years earlier at 17, and of finding my way as a deaf person. Writing nourished my spirit. I was surprised with truths. Writing became a revelation. My screen became a window to my soul, and I often found God looking back. It inspired me to begin a book.
My posts tell of being born “hearing” in a world with rhythm and song, then losing hearing due to side effects of medication. I write about waking up to a silent world. My blog is the story of my journey into deafhood. Guided by the ear of my heart, my blogs express my personal and spiritual insights of the journey.

What kind of things do you typically blog about? :
I share stories of life for me as a deafened daughter, student, professional, wife, and mother, and of the process of discovering my wings. I also write stories and comments on other people’s blogs and vlogs to inspire others to find deeper meaning and to encourage them to live with courage, hope, open-mindedness and love, rather than resistance, fear, judgment or hate. Though not necessarily religious, my writings are deeply spiritual. My vlogs also search for meaning, express deep gratitude and spread a little “heartshine.” Unique to my blog are the photos I embed, which bring forth moods and the essence or tone.

Do you have any personal favorite past blog posts? :
My first blog post “The Initiation,” a conversation I imagine, sets the tone.



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