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Young actors wanted for ‘Aladdin’

Bisbee’s Obscure Productions is seeking more young actors, ages 8-18, for its production of “Aladdin.” Actors will play a variety of roles: street rats, warriors, dancers, and more.

Please call Bisbee’s Obscure Productions at 432-2901 for an audition appointment. No acting experience is necessary. If you have a special skill such as singing, dancing or juggling, please be prepared to show off. Obscure Productions is also seeking actors skilled in American Sign Language.

This is not the Disney “Aladdin.” It is a funny contemporary adaptation from the translation by explorer Richard Burton.Rehearsals for “Aladdin” begin April 7, and will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons at Dance Arts Studios, 317 Arizona Street in the Warren section of Bisbee. Not everyone will need to attend every rehearsal. Evening rehearsals will be added closer to the performance.

Performances will be on the evenings of June 22, 23 and 24, 2007 outdoors in Bisbee’s City Park, pending City approval.

For more information, call (520) 432-2901 or email bisbeesobscure@gmail.com.


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