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Questions Remain About Naked Man Hurt in Traffic

April 2, 2007 07:25 PM
By Jeff Alexander

Police are piecing together a bizarre chain of events in an east-side neighborhood, where a 19-year-old naked man threw himself in front of a minivan.

It happened Saturday evening on University Avenue near the intersection of St. Anthony Drive.

Police say it began when a couple at a home on St. Charles Drive heard a pounding at their door and discovered a naked man on their porch. Frightened, they shut the door and saw the man run off.

Moments later, and just a few hundred feet away, police say the man darted into traffic on University.

“Very bizarre. Very unfortunate that this gentleman threw himself in front of a moving vehicle — and we’re still trying to determine what caused him to do that,” Dave Wesely of the Green Bay Police Department said.

Police say the man, whose mother reported him missing five hours later, suffered serious injuries to his neck and remains in the hospital.

He’s also deaf, and investigators used a sign language interpreter Monday to try and find out what happened.

They’re still not sure, but Police Chief Jim Arts says investigators have learned enough to rule out foul play, even though the man was already bleeding from injuries before he jumped in front of the van.

Police say it’s fortunate the 63-year-old driver didn’t get hurt.

“You can imagine if you were driving the vehicle and a naked person suddenly appeared in front of you. It would be pretty traumatic to you also,” Wesely said.


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