Blog Assignment

Blog Assignment

My last blog is going to be a reflection on the whole assignment. I thought this was a really good assignment and a good way to research different aspects of deaf culture. I think if I could do anything different, I would have started it a little sooner. I never felt pressed for time, but towards the end, my blogs were close together which I did not like.

I learned a lot through this assignment. I got to research a school I am interested in, a career I am interested, and many interesting aspects that come with the career path I may follow. Last year I chose to do the paper instead of the blogs. I am glad I chose to do the blogs this year for a couple of reasons. I liked being able to spread out the work. I also liked that I got to research several different topics as opposed to just one main one.

Overall, I thought this assignment was really good. It opened my eyes to deaf culture in many different ways. I used to think that just taking a sign language course was enough, but this assignment helped me to realize that there are a lot of things I will never understand about sign language and my respect grew due to all of my research. Continue

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