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Posted: 3 Apr 2007
Students provide free tax filing assistance to the local community

Emilia Chukwuma, assistant professor in the Department of Business, helps Zelda and Joseph Plater of O St., NE, complete their 2006 federal and state income tax returns.

Students in the “Income Tax Accounting (ACC 328)” class, taught by Chukwuma and Marie Ogork, a president’s fellow with the department, provided filing assistance free of charge to members of the Gallaudet community and visitors March 21 to 24.

The Department of Business has provided the free service for many years, and it has gained a loyal clientele who know the assistance comes from skilled, reliable tax preparers. This was particularly true for the Platers, who were first-time users of the service—but according to Joseph Plater, it won’t be their last.

The couple had paid to have their taxes prepared, but when they found out that the individual could not file their taxes online, and therefore ensure a speedy refund—-in as few as 10 days, they learned from the Internal Revenue Service that Gallaudet was on a list of tax preparers who would do their taxes without a fee and file them electronically.

Lucky for them, Chukwuma discovered errors in the private preparer’s calculations. After re-doing the tax forms, the Platers’ refund increased four-fold. “We’re blessed that we came here,” said Joseph Plater.

The IRS and the Department of Business remind the campus community that when filing their federal income tax returns by the April 15 deadline, remember to check carefully for any credits for which they may qualify. A tax credit, such as child tax credit, earned income tax credit, advanced earned income credit, child and dependent care credit, education credits, and retirement savings contribution credit puts more money in your pocket by reducing the amount of taxes you pay.

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