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UVSC Offers Three New Bachelor Degrees

By Emiley Morgan
3 Apr 2007

Utah Valley State College has added three new bachelor degrees – American sign language, deaf studies and software engineering – to the academic offerings that will be available to interested students this fall, 2007.

According to Megan Laurie, assistant director of communications, these specific degrees were chosen because of student interest.

“These are degrees that are very popular, and they are useful degrees that many of our students wanted to pursue an education in,” Laurie said. “There is a demand for them, and they give breadth to our offerings.”

Laurie said the two degrees that deal with the hearing-impaired were added to specifically satisfy the desire for more courses on that subject.

“We have a large population of deaf students on our campus, and we have large number of people interested in learning more about it,” she said.

Bryan Eldredge, program coordinator for ASL and deaf studies, also spoke of the high demand for degrees in this area but spoke more of the opportunities these degrees will provide for students to learn about a different culture.

“It’s important from a liberal arts perspective because the deaf community provides a kind of diversity we can’t find anywhere else,” Eldredge said, “especially in Utah, where we don’t find the kind of diversity that people count as ‘diversity.’ It’s an exposure to a different language and culture.”

He said it was a first-hand experience with this different culture that interested him in the deaf community and that is what students will gain from studying in these degrees. Continue

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