:: IOL: Deaf man’s teaching skills being wasted ::

IOL: Deaf man’s teaching skills being wasted

April 04 2007

All Trevor Vigus wants to do is to teach and to do a good job.

PowerBook G4 Only $1594 *after mail in rebate But despite his best efforts to get a teaching post for the past year, the 36-year-old Pinetown man has been unable to land a position.

He believes that it is because he is “profoundly” deaf and he feels prospective employers view this as a barrier.

“But being deaf doesn’t limit you and it’s a misconception that it does,” said Vigus.

He says he is capable of teaching in schools for the deaf as well as “normal” schools. He is an expert at lip-reading and can also use sign language.

He finds it odd that there is a shortage of teachers and yet there are teachers who cannot get posts. One local school – which does not employ men – was keen to help him, however, and alerted the Daily News of his plight.

Vigus matriculated from the Fulton School for the Deaf where he was head boy. He obtained a teaching diploma for pre- and junior primary level at the South African College of Open Learning.

But he is optimistic that he will one day get a teaching job.

“Deaf teachers are really wanted overseas and maybe I’ll have to consider going to America,” he said. He can be contacted (by sms) at 079 185 3110. – Daily News Reporter

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