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Bad (or Discharged) Notes from My Writing

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The great variety of parameters in American Sign Language (ASL) can by their very nature not be satisfactorily described on paper; the parts of the signs being learned must be examined at as early a stage as possible. Not only are ASL users to be found in all parts of the United States and most Canada, but an increasing variety of videos is available. The following brief summary is therefore intended only as a rough guide to the “pronunciation” of the principal parts of the signs. Such a summary of signing parts must necessarily be inexact as well: even though many parts can best be identified through comparison with corresponding gestures, we can say that practically no hand shape or palm orientation looks exactly like any gesture generally expressed. The newcomer to ASL needs to be aware especially of the misleading cases in which signs in ASL represent a gesture entirely different from the one they represent in general. Continue

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