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Student overcomes disability to excel

Terry Organ
Miner Staff Writer

KINGMAN – Ashley Campbell has overcome all odds that may have suggested at birth she would have a difficult time in life.

Ashley, the daughter of Dale and Lisa Campbell, was born three months premature. “I had a high fever at birth, along with yellow jaundice,” Ashley said.

“That’s how I became hearing impaired.”

At 4, Ashley entered a program for the hearing impaired offered by the Arizona State School for the Deaf & Blind and the old Kingman Elementary School District (now part of the Kingman Unified School District). She attended Hualapai Elementary School, where she learned sign language.

Ashley was in a special education curriculum during her elementary and middle school years.

Upon entering Kingman High School, Ashley began working with Pamela Atkinson, her third interpreter.

“When Ashley got to high school, she was dissatisfied with special education and requested the chance to try regular education,” Atkinson said. “She began doing all regular education curriculum, except for language arts, with Don Belding.

“She has made straight A’s since the ninth grade.”

Ashley said there have been challenges as she moved up through the grades. Math, science and vocabulary were difficult subjects for her.

She reads lips and also has high-tech hearing aids. Atkinson said they are similar to a field monitoring system in which a teacher’s speech is delivered directly to the ear of the student to enhance his or her hearing capability. Continue

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