:: published: 2007-04-04 | Ofcom appoints new members to Advisory Committee on Older & Disabled People ::

Ofcom appoints new members to Advisory Committee on Older & Disabled People

published: 2007-04-04

Ofcom has announced the appointment of four new members to its Advisory Committee on Older and Disabled People.

They are Laura Muir, Bob Peckford, David Sindall and Nicholas Young.

As set out in Section 21 of the Communications Act 2003, the Committee was established to provide advice to Ofcom about the interests and opinions of older people and disabled people on all communications matters.

The Committee, which meets quarterly, reports directly to the Ofcom Board and publishes its own annual report. Members of the Ofcom Content Board and the Consumer Panel also attend meetings of the Committee by invitation.

The new members have been appointed for four years and began their terms on 1 April 2007.

Laura Muir is a lecturer at The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. She is a student Disability Contact and a member of the university Disability Steering Group. As a member of the research team at the university’s Centre for Video Communications, she has worked with the deaf community in Aberdeen on sign language and visual media projects and has authored six publications in this field.

Bob Peckford was Director of Development and Marketing for the Council for the Advancement of Communications with Deaf People until December 2006. He is currently Chair of the Statutory Complaints Review Panel for Cumbria County Council Children’s Services and Adult Social Care Services. He was previously Director of Advocacy Services and Director of Policy and Campaigns for the British Deaf Association. Bob also established the first UK textphone helpline (Deaf Dial) in 1996.

David Sindall is Head of Disability and Inclusion for the Association of Train Operating Companies and has run his own consultancy advising organisations on diversity and inclusion issues. Previously he was Head of Practice Development for the Disability Rights Commission and in the past has worked with a range of disability advocacy organisations.

Nicholas Young is a Partner at Design for Diversity and previously worked as Disability Services Marketing Manager for T-Mobile UK and before that as Disability Services Manager at NatWest Bank plc. He is a member of PhoneAbility, a UK group organising conferences and seminars on telecommunications and disability. He introduced the UK’s first SMS text message service in 2003 and dedicated customer mobile service call centre for disabled and elderly people in 2001.

There are eight other members of the Committee.

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