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The Texas Association of the Deaf (TAD) is pleased to announce that the Texas Woman’s University (TWU) is one of our sponsors during the TAD Conference that will be held in June. TWU will be covering the costs associated with Libby Pollard’s workshop presentation, “The ABC’s of Parliamentary Procedures.” Libby’s workshop will be held on Saturday morning, June 23rd, at the Hilton Arlington.

The faculty of Texas Woman’s University respects the Deaf Community and its accomplishments. They offer a variety of courses including American Sign Language, Deaf Culture, and Literacy to our on-campus students. Faculty in the graduate program in Deaf Education train Deaf and hearing individuals online throughout the US in how to become effective teachers of the Deaf. Texas Woman’s University graduate Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Program has a comprehensive philosophy and are eager to develop “highly qualified” teachers who are prepared to help deaf children maximize their potential.

This year as a part of their commitment to ASL, they developed an online ASL proficiency exam to evaluate the receptive ASL skills of their students. They are eager to attract academically successful adults to their program, as both faculty and students. They recruit Deaf and hearing individuals with successful field experience to teach courses in American Sign Language and Signed English. TWU is proud of being one of the sponsors of this year’s TAD conference and they are thankful for being allowed to participate. TWU invites each of you to visit their program at http://www.twu.edu/hs/comms/COMS_DeafEd.htm and consider them when contemplating a career in deaf education.

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