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Mystery of Deaf Smith’s burial site intrigues Fort Bend County

By DENISE ADAMS  / Associated Press

For amateur sleuths, there’s nothing like a good “whodunit” to start the creative juices flowing. The popularity of television shows like “CSI” and “24” bear witness to America’s love of a good mystery.

In Fort Bend County, there’s an intriguing mystery surrounding a famous Texas hero, and the answer is waiting to be discovered.

Where is Erastus “Deaf” Smith buried?

Smith was one of Sam Houston’s most trusted scouts and a respected war hero. Later in life, Smith retired to Richmond and died here. But his final resting place remains a mystery.

Most local historians have theories about where this legendary Texan is buried. Claire Rogers, education coordinator at the Fort Bend Museum, said she tells visitors Smith was buried on the plains of Richmond, a safe bet since much of the town was an open field in 1837.

Located on the corner of Sixth and Houston streets in downtown Richmond is a Texas historical marker, noting the site as Smith’s resting place. There is also a white granite marker, inscribed with Smith’s birth and death.

Historical documents on file with the Texas Historical Commission state Smith died in the home of his friend Randal Jones.

According to the Historical Commission, Smith was “buried in the Calvary Churchyard,” Houston at Sixth Street, and the grave is now unidentified. However, their records state the congregation built its first church building in 1859, 22 years after Smith died. Continue

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