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Being mostly deaf doesn’t hinder Gulvas

April 5, 2007
BY STEVE T. GORCHES Post-Tribune staff writer

The ping of the bat hitting the ball in warmups.
Birds flying overhead, quite low as a matter of fact, in the open area behind Crown Point High School.

Music blaring over the loudspeakers.

All sounds the average person was hearing perfectly fine before Crown Point’s latest home softball game.

Outside of the lack of sunshine, it was a near-perfect April day for a game.

But the sophomore playing third base for the Bulldogs couldn’t hear all of those sounds individually.

She hears them collectively, thanks to the technology in her hearing aids.

In her first year as a starter, Kara Gulvas has the added challenge of being nearly completely deaf. The technical diagnosis is nerve deafness, which can’t be surgically repaired, even in the world of modern medical marvels.

So the 15-year-old wears the small devices that allow her to hear everything, all together, unlike normal hearing which can be selective.

“She hears fairly well, but everything is amplified,” said Kara’s mom, Beth. “She reads lips one-on-one really well. It’s in group situations she struggles.”

In those situations, her sign-language interpreter Jenny Lannin provides a helping hand, or two of them in this case.

“She’ll hear something and she’ll look over to check with me most of the time,” Lannin said. Continue

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