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Sign of worship

April 05. 2007 6:59AM

The Hands of the Lord ministry brings light out of the dark

sign of worship.jpgFAITH
Tribune Staff Writer

Brilliant light gives way to darkness. Joyous sound gives way to silence. The workaday world’s bustle gives way to stillness.

Only emptiness remains.

But, slowly, eyes, hearts and minds adjust to find God’s love flowing out of the void.

Beacons of light, of hope, appear in different places — in a small task begun amid the confusion of a shattered life, in a dramatic church ministry, in the Christian celebration of Easter.

A light in a mother’s life

Caleb Blount had just turned 3 when his little body succumbed to cancer about six years ago.

In her grief, his mother, Tracy Blount of Walkerton, turned to learning sign language. She had seen a signing ministry at a women’s conference. Though her church had no deaf members, she knew what a powerful worship tool it could be — for anyone.

In the quiet hours while Caleb’s 8-month-old brother, Logan, slept, she got out a book and started to learn.

Eventually, Blount taught American Sign Language to others attending United Pentecostal Church in Walkerton. The Hands of the Lord was formed.

Beneath the ultraviolet glow of black lights, with dark clothes and white gloves on, the group signs the words to a variety of Christian songs.

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