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Egg hunt thrills students at school for deaf, blind

By Kim Smith
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 04.08.2007

Ashley Alfred.jpgOscar Quintero has been on plenty of Easter egg hunts.

None of them compared to Saturday’s, though.

For the first time ever, the visually impaired 15-year-old was able to hunt for eggs by himself.

Thanks to Qwest’s Southern Arizona Telecom Pioneers, Quintero could hear where the eggs were hidden.

The club outfitted 40 large plastic eggs with electronic circuit boards, batteries and speaker phones so they would emit a beeping noise.

On Saturday, the Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind on West Speedway placed those eggs and dozens of others out on the lawn of the campus, so visually and
hearing-impaired students could go on a hunt.

The students who participated were those who live too far away to get home for the weekend, said Marcy Albert, one of the schools’ deans.

There were plenty of cheers and giggles as 33 students raced from one egg to the next, sometimes by themselves, other times with friends and staff members by their sides.

Again and again, congratulations were heard as students showed off their brightly colored finds and struggled to juggle them. Continue

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