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Daily Trust (Abuja)
April 9, 2007
Tadaferua Ujorha

Deaf people cannot listen to the news on television and they protest that no captions or sign language are used to help them in this regard. It is even worse if a man is both deaf and illiterate.

Continued from Thursday

News for some citizens!

There are some 3,000 deaf persons in Abuja, the nation’s capital, and they are all on their own, as we are wont to say these days. They seem to live in their own world where the borders are well defined, not because they love such conditions, but simply because the state is organised such that the deaf are neither heard, seen nor recognised. They are shunned and stigmatised. This is Nigeria’s 37th state which, though physically nonexistent, strangely functions side by side with the 36 state structure? Quite naturally the deaf themselves are very upset on account of this organised shunning.19 million persons make up the population of the physically challenged in the country today given recent statistics, but the deaf may be the group which has received the greatest or Continue

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