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Students Make Movie

Apr 9, 2007
Reporter: Shannon Davidson

032721.jpgIt’s amazing what kids these days are learning in school these days. Foreign language starts in kindergarten. Fractions start in 4th grade. And now, there’s one local elementary school that’s teaching a handful of kids how to make movies.

Dressing up for a little school play? Not exactly. These future “A-list” Hollywood actors are getting ready to make a movie!

They’ve been practicing for two months and now, it’s show time! But this film is different, it’s a silent one.

The six students in one class at Conewago Township Elementary School are either deaf or hearing impaired, and the movie they’re making is for other hearing impaired kids to see.

“This movie, the deaf can go watch it in sign language, and it’s the hearing folks who are going to have to watch and read the captions,” says educational interpreter Kathy Bennett. Continue

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