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Deadline approaches for terminally ill child

Monday, April 9, 2007

terminally ill child.jpgTime is quickly running out for a terminally ill child. Doctors plan to take a 17-month-old boy off of life support Tuesday.

The child has an incurable neurological disorder, Leigh’s Disease, causing his brain tissue to die. The boy’s mother is still trying to find another hospital to care for her son.

“I’m never going to be ready to do this. It’s just really hard,” said Emilio Gonzales’ mother, Catarina. She says she cannot believe these may be her son’s final hours. “I’m just waiting right now to see. I’m scared.”

Gonzales says Emilio is doing better, even breathing on his own a little. But doctors have ruled his condition hopeless. He was born deaf and blind, and during his first year of life, his condition worsened.

Seton Hospital’s ethics committee ruled that Emilio should be removed from life support. That deadline is just hours away.

“What were hoping is that someone will come forward – a hospital will come forward and a doctor will be willing to take Emilio, perform that procedure so that he can go to a lower level of care,” said Jerri Ward, Gonzales’ attorney. Continue

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