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Sign Of The Times

By Clay Henry

FAYETTEVILLE — It’s all about the ability to sell when it comes to getting the best players for your position in the NFL. Jim Washburn thought he was onto something, but it turned out to be too good to be true.

Not that it’s a dead issue just yet, but Washburn thought the Tennessee Titans had a shot at Arkansas defensive end Jamaal Anderson in the upcoming NFL draft. That doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.

But Washburn, the former Arkansas defensive line coach, had his guys chomping at the bit to take Anderson until the 6-foot-6, 286-pounder saw his stock soar in the last month.

“I want Anderson, I really like him,” said Washburn, veteran defensive line coach with the Titans. “I was thinking about ways to make sure our head coach (Jeff Fisher) and general manager (Mike Reinfeldt) remembered him when we were at the combine.”

Washburn had done his homework on Anderson. He knew his background and that of Anderson’s father.

“His father is deaf and I knew that Jamaal could sign,” Washburn said. “I had visited with Jamaal in one-on-one interviews before our head coach and GM came into the room. I just told Jamaal to go along with me on this one. I told him when they came in, to answer every question in sign language. Continue

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