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Anderson knows every day is Father’s Day

By Tom Friend
ESPN The Magazine

Jamaal Anderson.jpgHis son is a possible Top-10 NFL draft pick, but he doesn’t listen to the gossip, the rumor or the innuendo. Because he cannot hear.

On draft day, he will not jump up at the exact moment his son’s name is called. Because he cannot hear.

The team that picks his son will have found a special player. All because Glenn Anderson cannot hear.

In this era of Pacman and T.O., the National Football League needs more people like Arkansas defensive end Jamaal Anderson, whose deaf father has shown him anything is possible. Jamaal may be a 6-foot-5, 288-pound former basketball player who reminds scouts of Julius Peppers, but his best attribute could very well be the man who raised him in silence.

When Jamaal wanted to quit football in eighth grade, he thought of his father Glenn, who never quit his cruel, mainstream high school.

When Jamaal was hesitant to switch from receiver to defensive end in college, he thought of his father Glenn, who worked day and night to obtain a Ph.D.

And now when Jamaal hears some NFL teams still aren’t sold on him, he thinks of his father Glenn and says, “If they only knew.”

Life Lessons

Last month in an LA mall, Jamaal and his sister, Danielle, witnessed a teenage boy get nabbed for shoplifting. A cop arrived and told the kid he had two choices: call his dad or go to jail. “I’ll call my dad,” the kid answered. Continue

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