:: KQ2 News | Two teens testify in front of their alleged molestor ::

Two teens testify in front of their alleged molestor

( Air Date: 4/9/2007 )

Former police officer and now preacher, Joseph Gaines, the third sat silently through testimony.

“He kept touching me and I said `no I need to go to school, I need to go to school,” the 13-year-old alleged molestation victim said.

A 13-year-old girl signs her testimony to two American Sign Language interpreters. The deaf teen said she was molested many times by Joseph Gaines, III. Gaines was a police officer in three midland empire towns and preaches at a church in Rock Port.

“Where on your body did he touch you?” Prosecutor Dan Smith said.

The teen started crying when she was asked to point to diagrams to show where and how she was allegedly molested. She said Gaines touched her inappropriately with his hands and private parts. The witnesses` 11-year-old sister tells a similar story in graphic detail.
The 11-year-old alleged victim said these things happened in Gaines` basement at his house. She also used diagrams to point out how she was allegedly abused.

Gaines faces four felony charges, two for child molestation and two for statutory sodomy. The two girls’ mother comforted them once their testimony was over. She said it wasn`t easy watching them on the stand.

“It hurt but it needed to be brought out the truth needed to be brought out,” the victim`s mother said.

The oldest daughter was visibly shaken after her testimony ended. Gaines sat silently looking right at the witnesses during their testimony. The defense did not cross examine the witnesses or present any of their own witnesses.

“More likely than not the defendant did commit those crimes so he will therefore be bound over to the circuit division for further proceedings,” Judge Glen Alan Dietrich said.

Gaines maintains his innocence and a few supporters sat by his side. The alleged victim`s mother said justice needs to be served.

“Well until he`s charged or put behind bars I don`t think we`ll rest,” she said.

Gaines goes back to court next month for his to hear charges against him.

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