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Venezuela will host Pan American and World deaf-people games

April 10, 2007

The Deaf People’s Sports Federation said in a Monday statement that it has chosen Venezuela to host its Pan American Games from August 11-18 this year in the Carabobo state city of Valencia, and their 2008 Athletics World Championship in Lara state’s Barquisimeto.

The Venezuelan Olympic Committee (COV) will support both events, federation president Elida de Alvarez, said in the release.

“We have already had two meetings with the COV to finalize the details of the great competition. The last meeting was essential because it defined the transport, food and lodging,” said Alvarez.

The realization of the event is an important step forward in the development of deaf people’s sport in Venezuela, she said and will also help unify and boost deaf sports in the Americas.

“Thanks to hard work we have earned respect,” Alvarez said. “Before we used to experience many problems because only Paralympic Games and are well known, and we were erroneously included in this group. However, gradually we have been gaining a place of our own.”

Source: Xinhua

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