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High school students teach with sign language, learn compassion

by Douane D. James
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Posted April 10 2007
Emily Sikorski.jpgThe conversation picked up, but the classroom remained quiet.

Using sign language, high school junior Lindsay Leider asked students at Seminole Middle School in Plantation about a book on marine life. Her hands fluttered, smacked and pointed as she gestured.

“Do seahorses change color?” Leider asked, whispering the words as she signs them.

The deaf seventh-graders nodded their closed right hands up and down, the sign for “yes.”

Leider is among a group of advanced sign language students from Weston’s Cypress Bay High who visit the middle school’s deaf and hard-of-hearing program twice weekly. They come to practice their sign language skills and to help deaf students review math and science lessons in the process.

American Sign Language continues to be popular among hearing students in Broward County schools. More than 1,300 students take sign courses at 11 Broward high schools, nearly double the enrollment from 10 years ago. Next year, even more students will enroll as Seminole will become the first Broward middle school to offer a sign language course. Continue

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