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Epson Introduces the PowerLite 83c Projector Designed for K-12 Educators

April 11, 2007

Number-One Selling Projector Brand Worldwide Epson Offers Feature-Rich PowerLite 83c Projector Designed For K-12 Educators

Epson_PowerLite83c.jpgLONG BEACH, Calif., April 11 /PRNewswire/ — Multimedia projectors are becoming a necessity for the classroom, enabling educators to take learning to the next level with vibrant colorful displays, a range of multimedia content and interactive collaboration technologies to better engage students. Epson, the number-one selling brand of front projectors worldwide(1), today announced its latest product designed for the education market — the Epson PowerLite(R) 83c ($899 estimated street price), delivering up to 2200 lumens of brightness, a seven-watt speaker, a built-in closed captioning decoder, wired LAN connectivity for easy monitoring and control, and energy-efficient lamp technology for more added cost savings. Campus technicians will like this projector as much as the educators will love using it in their classrooms.

“Epson is committed to exceeding the needs of educators and develops projectors that reflect our number-one position in the industry,” said Daniel Oey, group product manager, Epson America, Inc. “The improved functionality of the PowerLite 83c is a direct result of feedback received from education customers about previous products, which helped design a projector that presents engaging content in classrooms in a cost efficient package.”

The Epson PowerLite 83c features a built-in closed captioning decoder for hearing impaired students. This offers schools a low-cost solution for meeting part of their ADA508 requirements without having to purchase and install external decoders. In addition, the PowerLite 83c offers RJ-45 wired LAN connectivity for remote monitoring via the school’s IT network, regardless of the physical location of the projector. Finally, a seven-watt speaker provides powerful sound to fill an entire classroom and help capture the attention of students. Continue

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