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Worry rises for searchers, family

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
BY JOHN BRANTON Columbian staff writer

Khoi Vu.jpgAs the search for Khoi Vu continued Tuesday, detectives and FBI agents began looking into the criminal histories of sex offenders in Clark County in case one had a role in the mentally disabled man’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, other officers and volunteers, including scuba divers, searched ponds and the former Clark County Aerodrome along Northeast 117th Avenue in Orchards.

As of Tuesday night, however, Clark County Sheriff’s Cmdr. Rusty Warren and Sgt. Tim Bieber said that, despite extensive efforts, no clues had been found as to the missing man’s whereabouts.

And Vu’s brother-in-law said the family is feeling the frustration and emotional strain of their four-day ordeal.

“There are good moments and bad moments, trying to restore a little normalcy to our lives,” said Josh Dylka, 28, a martial arts instructor. “It’s one of those things where you want to get out there and work at it, but there’s not much you can do.”

The attempt to find Vu will continue today.

Most searching Tuesday was being conducted in a wide area around the Vu family’s home in the 13300 block of Northeast 92nd Street, in the Sifton area northeast of Orchards.

“We’re at the four-day mark, so obviously that heightens our concern that he may be in trouble,” Bieber said at an afternoon press conference.

Later Tuesday evening, Bieber said Vu was still missing.

“It’s certainly concerning that it’s gone on so long, with so many experienced investigators working on this,” Bieber said.

Vu, 25, was last seen about 1 a.m. Saturday, when he went to bed in his home. Family members noticed he was missing about 8 a.m. Saturday. Continue

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