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Anyone can stop by for a sandwich, but this deli & bar caters to the deaf

Published – April, 11, 2007
Susie Forrester

Signs does not sell signs.

You can’t blame anybody for the confusion, except maybe the owner of Signs Deli & Bar, Tim Godwin.

Signs is like no other place in the area. For one, it targets the deaf, hence the name “Signs,” and two, it proudly hawks a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate, low-fat menu. And three, it’s smoke-free.

Located just behind Pensacourt on Nine Mile Road, at the intersection with U.S. 29, Signs has been open only a few weeks. Its red-checkered floor and red, black and gray color scheme are as welcoming as the courtyard feel out front. There’s a jukebox, and two TV sets that constantly broadcast people telling stories in sign language. T-shirts for sale with “I love you” in sign language hang on the wall. Posters detailing the deaf culture are everywhere.

“Deaf people are very visual,” said Godwin, explaining the TVs, the blue skies and clouds he’s installing over head and his other planned enhancements. These include an awning over the courtyard. Continue

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