:: CNW Group | Canada’s largest provider of programs and services to people who are Deaf or have a hearing loss announces details of strategic plan ::

Canada’s largest provider of programs and services to people who are Deaf or have a hearing loss announces details of strategic plan

TORONTO, April 12 /CNW/ – The Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) announced
today the details of the agency’s new strategic plan as well as the unveiling
of the $34 million charity’s new Mission statement and Vision.
“As the largest provider of services and programs for people who are
culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened, and hard of hearing, we take seriously
our commitment to improving and developing the ways in which we serve our
consumers,” said Kelly Duffin, CHS President and CEO. “By investing in this
strategic process and incorporating the vision for the agency of all our
stakeholders we are building a strong, vibrant, and responsive organization.”
The strategic plan, which includes focus in the areas of access and
accommodation, social equity, and service expansion, was developed in
consultation with over 900 consumers through surveys and focus groups. In
addition, a “parallel process” group comprising 12 Board members, six CHS
staff, two volunteers, and 16 managers provided feedback on the results of
consumer input. The entire process was guided by a key 11 person
representative Strategic Planning Committee that included three people who are
Deaf, two who are deafened (with cochlear implants), 1 who is hard of hearing
and five who are hearing.
“We focused on seven specific areas in the organization that we felt
would provide a strong foundation to advance our work with our consumers,”
said Joanne DeLuzio, CHS Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. “It was an
inspirational process with many groups with different perspectives coming
together to develop CHS’s role in working to achieve our vision of a truly
inclusive and accessible society.”
A corresponding launch of the new CHS Mission and Vision statements
included a first for CHS: an unveiling in the four official languages of the
organization: Langue de signes québécoise (LSQ), American Sign Language (ASL),
French and English.
“These new statements signal a shift from a help-based model to one with
social equity at its core,” said Sally Palusci, a Deaf CHS staff member and
consumer. “It’s a better articulation of what were already the guiding
principles of the agency.”
The official announcement of the results of the strategic planning
process and the launch of the new Vision and Mission statements will be made
today at 4:30 PM at the CHS Toronto offices located at 271 Spadina Road.


The Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) was incorporated in 1940 to provide
services, products and information to culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened,
and hard of hearing people and to educate the hearing public. CHS is governed
by a board of directors, the majority of whom are deaf, deafened, or hard of
hearing. The organization is funded by government, internal revenue generation
including fundraising, and the United Way.
Unique in North America, CHS offers a complete roster of essential
services under one roof through 28 offices including sign language
interpreting to bridge the gap between Deaf and hearing people; one-on-one
language development for deaf children using play as the medium of learning;
employment services; sign language instruction; speechreading training; and,
the most complete range of communication devices that assist and augment
communication including TTYs (text telephones), visual smoke detectors, baby
monitors and alarm clocks.


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