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In step with PHS coach Kellie Shanahorn
April 11, 2007
Courier Columnist

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Recently I interviewed Prescott High School’s second-year girls tennis coach Kellie Shanahorn. Shanahorn, when not coaching the girls’ team, is a Certified Interpreter in American Sign Language with a master’s degree in Interpretation (in English) from Gallaudet University.

She works for the Arizona Schools for the Deaf and Blind in conjunction with the local school districts to provide interpreting services and also freelance throughout the state and country.

Currently the PHS’ girls’ tennis team is undefeated in region play in this, the last week of their regular season.

What makes a good high school tennis coach?

“Patience, love of the game, organization, understanding, communication with players and parents. It’s as much about coaching the players on the court, with technique, as it is about understanding where they are as individuals and helping them find their way, both on and off the court.”

What are your strengths as a coach?

“Ask the girls.”

How do you see the sport of tennis affecting the lives of young people?

“It gives them another avenue to get involved in school as well as athletics. One of the unique aspects of tennis is that it’s both an individual and team sport. Obviously in singles, it’s just you and your opponent on the court. This forces individuals to deal with the mental, physical and strategic aspects of the game on their own.”


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