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Imaging The Deaf Brain

Volunteer to take partYou’ve heard of astronauts… Why not become a brainonaut and take part in this pioneering research! (And get pictures of your brain to keep!)
This is Mairéad MacSweeney’s brain. If you take part in our study, you can get a picture like this of your brain to frame and put on the wall or use as a background image on your computer.

All of our research so far has been made possible because people have come forward and volunteered their time to be scanned. Scanning is neither dangerous nor painful, but you cannot be scanned if you don’t like small spaces or if you have any metal inside your body (such as pins to repair broken bones, a heart pacemaker, or a cochlear implant). Scanning is not harmful to your brain or body; it cannot cause brain disease. All scan volunteers are paid for their time and travelling costs and receive pictures of their brain to keep.


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