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Educating Students—and Employers

April 12, 2007
Undergraduate Q&A – Career Placement

Gallaudet University, a school primarily for the deaf and hard of hearing, aims to turn out business majors who are competitive

Isaac Agboola.jpgIsaac Agboola has been the chair of the business department. at Gallaudet University since 2003. A graduate of Gallaudet himself, with bachelor’s and MBA degrees, Agboola has taught at the Washington (D.C.)-based undergraduate business program for 13 years. With a specialized program for the deaf and hard of hearing, Gallaudet turns out roughly 30 undergraduate business majors per year. Business grads compete for entry-level jobs from the upper $30,000s to lower $40,000s. After two years on the job, some grads earn more than $70,000.

Agboola recently spoke with BusinessWeek.com reporter Janie Ho with the assistance of an American Sign Language interpreter. Here is an edited excerpt of their conversation:

What is unique about the experience in the business program? What technology or curriculum changes, or real-world experience, do they get in that business program?

We are very committed to providing them with an education that will prepare them for entry-level professional positions when they graduate. We require all students to complete at least one internship before they can graduate.


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