:: Central Ohio | Serteen club’s mission is teach members to sign ::

Serteen club’s mission is teach members to sign

Helping hearing-impaired, deaf is focus of teen chapter

April 13, 2007
Gazette Staff Writer

sign for SKY.jpgClare Gucwa and Hallie Zarbakhsh are looking forward to putting their sign language skills to work.

The two 12-year-olds will be part of a new group forming in Ross County, Serteen, that will give them the chance to use the sign language they have been learning the last few years and interact with deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals in the community.

“I like the fact that (sign language) allows us to communicate with more people than people who just speak with their mouths … also, it’s an art form,” said Hallie.

The girls’ mothers, Dawn Zarbakhsh and Lucy Gucwa, are working with the First Capital Sertoma Club, chartered in 2000, to develop a teen chapter of the civic organization. As part of the new group, they also are working with Jennifer Young, who teaches the girls sign language, in her dream of opening a service center for deaf and hearing-impaired people in Ross County, as well as the seven surrounding counties.
“We were looking for some way our kids could use their sign language,” Lucy said, adding Dawn knew Sertoma member Cathy Chester and found out about Serteen. “We’re trying to get 25 kids so we can charter.”


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