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New TV Fonts Announced

April 13, 2007

Segoe TV fonts now available for licensing from Ascender Corporation. Segoe TV was tuned specifically for use with set-top boxes, digital TVs and other on-screen display applications.

Elk Grove Village, IL (PRWEB) April 13, 2007 — Ascender Corporation, a leading provider of advanced font products, today announced the availability of the Segoe® TV family of fonts for licensing to software & hardware developers, manufacturers of TVs, set-top boxes and HD DVD authors & publishers. Segoe TV was originally developed for MSNTV and features character design attributes that aid legibility on TV screens.

The Segoe typeface family was originally designed by Steve Matteson and is used exclusively by Microsoft for its corporate branding and in a wide variety of its software products including Windows Vista and Office 2007. Segoe TV is the first of the Segoe fonts available for license from Ascender Corporation, which also offers many other fonts from Microsoft for licensing. The Segoe TV fonts feature an extended character set with over 370 glyphs per font, and are available immediately for licensing in the TrueType font format.

“Segoe TV is unique in that, unlike many other TV font sets, it includes a complete family of fonts: regular, bold, italic and bold italic” said Brian Kraimer, Ascender’s Vice President. “We are proud to add this to our collection of high quality, versatile fonts that are tuned for on-screen display” he added.

Ascender has one of the most comprehensive font collections available for hardware and software developers in the Digital TV, Entertainment and Consumer Electronics markets. These devices all share a common need: high quality fonts that are tuned for optimal display on-screen. In addition to Segoe TV, Ascender offers Closed Captioning fonts (CCTV), and font support for DVB, MHP, Teletext and ARIB.


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