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Talent show spotlights ASL student skills for scholarship funds – Premiere

By Jared Solis
Issue date: 4/13/07

Deaf students at this college will try their hand at performing during a talent show today sponsored by the American Sign Language and interpreter training department.

This is an example of the department’s efforts to afford deaf students more of the opportunities that hearing students have on campus.

“We feel very strongly about providing interpreters for deaf students at any public events happening on campus, so that at any given point there is that access to communication without making a formal request for it,” said Instructor Julie Razuri said Feb. 27.

The talent show will be from 7 p.m.-9 p.m. in the Fiesta Room of Loftin Student Center, and proceeds from the suggested donations of $5 will go to the Rea and Barbara Hinrichs Scholarship Fund for ASL students.

This new endowed scholarship, named for the deaf parents of department Chair Lauri Metcalf, is a $250 stipend that will be awarded every semester to two ASL students with a 3.0 grade-point average, a registered nine credit hours per semester and a grade on all parts of the departmental mid-program exam with of 80 percent or higher.

Acts include poetry and songs in sign language, juggling, jokes and belly dancing.

The faculty and staff hope events like the talent show will shrink the gap between the communities of deaf and hearing students.

“We strive to interpret everything, but that doesn’t always happen,” Interpreting service manager Jo Hilton said. “For example, if it’s a movie and it’s not captioned, that is something that is really difficult to interpret for.”

Hilton also said that certain events get more priority than others.

“If it’s a scheduled event such as a lecture or play, then that gets priority,” Hilton said. “We usually pick two or three nights out of the week to interpret events on campus.”


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