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People – Julius Wiggins, Founder of Silent News

From Jamie Berke,
Your Guide to Deafness.

He Brought A Newspaper to the Deaf Community

When I was in college, I was delighted to discover a newspaper for the deaf. It was the Silent News. Many an hour was spent in the college library, enjoying the news and catching up on what was up in the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Starting a Newspaper

There would have been no Silent News without Julius Wiggins, who passed away October 13, 2001. He and his wife started the best-known newspaper for the deaf in 1969, printing it in Lincoln Park, New Jersey.


Together with his wife, Wiggins, the author of a book published in 1972 called No Sound, built the Silent News up until it became self-supporting. Even so, the newspaper had to struggle over the years, facing competition from other deaf newspapers. When the dust was settled, the Silent News was the only survivor.


Wiggins leaves behind a newspaper that was one of the most powerful and influential voices in the deaf and hard of hearing community, and a crucial outlet for many talented writers who write columns ranging from financial advice to how to have a positive outlook on life.

Web Resources on Wiggins

JDCC: Harriet & Julius Wiggins – A photo-illustrated article from May/June 2000, interviewing the founders of the Silent News.


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